All time favorite trend right now with jewelry is layering dainty pieces.  Of course I created a section on my site for you guys to select certain pieces to stack and save $!  Who doesn't love a good deal!?

Your jewelry is what makes or breaks your outfit. A simple necklace or flashy ring could be the final touch to your daily look. I’m obsessed with stacking my necklaces and so many people have fallen in love with it too. My favorite accessories are my dainty necklaces because I can layer them with literally any outfit, even yoga attire! 

JBD necklaces come in different length chains to make stacking easier. I love that an outfit as simple as a plain tank top and ripped jeans can be glammed up with just a few necklaces!

You can personalize your necklaces to say any name, word or place that you want- in almost any language too. Check out the Stack N’ Style section on www.JewelsByDurrani.com and start layering in style. 

Comment below what you want to see me talk about in my next blog post!  Thinking about telling you guys how I style my hair, thoughts?