Everything in my life mirrors my style- comfortable, chic, modern and sleek, so my new clothing line is no exception. I’ve taken tips from the best and put so much thought into this new line full of essential pieces to mix and match, creating that perfectly effortless look. Every girl understands the frustration of going through her closet, searching for something to wear, only to end up of with a pile of clothes on the floor because nothing is exciting or easy to put together. That’s what my House Of Durrani clothing line achieves-cool, polished and simple looks for any occasion. With my three categories of pieces- Modern Minimalist, Comfy Chic, and Night Out On The Town, you’ll be stylish but cozy, sexy yet classy. Who doesn’t love that?!

I have a lot going on in my life, from filming to everyday errands to appearances to lounging around the house, all requiring different looks. It’s important for me to feel confident in what I’m wearing, which is my wish for any young woman on the go. Fashion is how I express myself and my passion but also my first impression. I want it to be one that turns heads and makes a statement, don’t you? Step into the House of Durrani and I’ll show you how ☺